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If you’re struggling with low energy, extra weight or visible ageing, you’re not alone. In fact, while working as a GP, I met thousands of people experiencing issues with their energy levels, sleep, weight, skin and mood. 

I knew something had to change. After years of research, and successfully treating thousands, I realised all these issues had one thing in common: our diet

Despite having access to countless products, resources and modern solutions, today we have left behind a vital element: proper nutrition. We have forgotten nutritional rituals which are crucial to our bodies and minds. 

That’s why I left my role as a full-time GP, and became a registered nutritionist. 

After studying Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University, I’ve written over 70 popular health books. But today, I’m writing this to share with you my latest breakthrough: Origins Diet, giving you cutting-edge solutions which bridge the gap between mother nature and the latest nutritional advancements. My aim is to help you unlock year-round, whole-body wellness and ensure your best years are yet to come. 

Here’s what you can find on Origins Diet: 

Nature’s Gift Bone Broth  

In recent years, science has revealed the remarkable power of Bone Broth for human health. Research shows this delicious meal supplement can help spark healthy weight loss, more energy, youthful skin, glossy hair and stronger nails. 

The origins of bone broth date back thousands of years. In many ancient cultures, bone broth became a truly legendary superfood. An old South American proverb says “good broth will resurrect the dead”. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended bone broth for its remarkable healing properties.

And today, countless scientists agree bone broth contains nutrients that humans were designed to eat. It personally helped me lose 4 stones.

But, unfortunately, preparing bone broth from scratch is difficult and time consuming. What’s more, many ‘bone broths’ you’ll find in health shops are loaded with additives and artificial preservatives. 

That’s where Nature’s Gift Bone Broth comes in. It is, in my opinion, the most powerful, all-natural bone broth on the market, allowing you to go back to basics, and resembles what our ancestors ate for whole body rejuvenation. 

Packed with 14 uniquely nutritious ingredients that help to soothe digestion, lower cravings, support normal joint function, and unlock healthy skin, hair and nails, it also helps boost your energy and mental well-being. 

Provided in quick and easy-to-use sachets, it is a must have for anyone’s daily nutrition.

Ancient Roots Olive Oil

Olives are a unique superfood that stand out over many others, and are delicious eaten raw as a healthy snack. And olive oil is an elixir with the power to nourish nearly every part of your body, with extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties.

My Ancient Roots Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unlike any others as it is harvested on the golden green slopes of an ancient volcano in Tuscany, Italy. 

The family-run farm refuses to use fertilisers, harmful chemicals or pesticides, staying loyal to the traditional, centuries-old cultivation methods of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This has created the most delicious, nutritious and powerful extra virgin olive oil I’ve ever tasted.

The olives for Ancient Roots are grown in volcanic soil, which is uniquely packed with nutrients, making them some of the most nutrient-rich olives in the world. Ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun, they are then carefully harvested using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. 

Ancient Roots Olive Oil is made organically, going from harvest to bottle in under six hours. Then, it is stored in a cool Tuscan cellar, to lock in its quality and unique taste.

With a count of 769 mg polyphenols per litre, four times more than other “premium” extra virgin olive oils, and a free acidity of 0,3% – it is regarded as the very best. 

The powerful polyphenols in Ancient Roots can help support healthy weight management, damp down inflammation and boost your energy levels – while also contributing towards healthy skin and hair, to help you feel your very best.

So, if you too want to find out more about how to access such incredible benefits, head over to our Origins Diet website. 

And do let me know what you think! 

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Dr Sarah Brewer
QUORA EXPERT - TOP WRITER 2018 Dr Sarah Brewer MSc (Nutr Med), MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANT, CNHC Cert IoD qualified from Cambridge University with degrees in Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery. After working in general practice, she gained a master's degree in nutritional medicine from the University of Surrey. Sarah is a registered Medical Doctor, a registered Nutritionist and a registered Nutritional Therapist. She is an award winning author of over 70 popular self-help books and a columnist for Prima magazine.

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