what is a nootropic

Nootropics is one of the fastest growing, and most exciting areas in nutritional medicine. Essentially, nootropics is the […]

What Is A Nootropic?

best herbs for anxiety

Do you feel apprehensive, panicky or experience feelings of dread and impending doom? If so, you could have […]

Best Herbs For Anxiety

My new book, Eat Well Look Great, shows the amazing link between good nutrition and good looks, and […]

Eat Well Look Great

Detox diet foods

Detox is something everyone feels they need from time to time, especially after a period of excess or […]

My 5-Step Detox Diet Plan

cannabidiol CBD oil benefits

Hemp extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD) are increasingly used to reduce anxiety and stress and to promote general well-being. […]

Cannabidiol CBD Oil Benefits

The best natural supplements for  premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, evening primrose oil, isoflavones, Agnus […]

Natural Supplements For PMS

Several natural supplements can lower cholesterol levels and improve the balance between ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol and ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol. The […]

Best Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Raspberry ketone has gained an enviable reputation for boosting weight loss. Raspberries are among the tastiest of fruits […]

Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss

Most of us would benefit from eating more omega-3, as few people eat enough oily fish to get […]

Omega-3 Benefits

Red reishi is also known as the Mushroom of Immortality and is a traditional adaptogenic herb  whose medicinal […]

Reishi Mushroom Benefits

Have you ever wondered why the Mediterranean diet is so beneficial for health despite featuring ladles of pasta? […]

Is Pasta Fattening Or Not?

If you read the recent headlines such as ‘Being a vegetarian could kill you’  or  ‘Vegetarian diet raises […]

Vegetarian Diets And Cancer


Seaweed is a sustainable and nutritious food that is increasingly finding its way into recipes and health products. […]

Do You Eat Seaweed?

runny eggs

If you miss the old days, when dipping toasted soldiers and asparagus fingers into a soft-boiled egg made […]

Eggy Soldiers Are Back!