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I’ve written more than 60 popular health and nutrition books, some of which are featured below. My literary agent is: James Wills, Watson, Little Ltd. Here’s a link to my author page and my author page.



 00 Quick Guides cover MENOPAUSE v2 (2)MENOPAUSE DIET is packed with all the evidence-based nutritional advice you need to overcome hot flashes, night sweats, aches & pains, tiredness and low sex drive the natural way. Dr Sarah Brewer explains how certain foods can help such as eating more soy, sweet potatoes, lentils, flaxseed, oily fish and members of the cabbage family. She explains why natural plant oestrogens can improve your symptoms and why a good intake of vitamins and minerals is important. She also covers the benefits of herbal supplements such as 5-HTP, Agnus castus, Black cohosh, Evening primrose, Ginseng, Sage leaf, Soy isoflavones, Muira puama, Pollen pistil extracts, Rhodiola, St John’s Wort, Valerian and Wild yam, with suggestions for the best doses to take. This Quick Nutrition Guide will help you progress smoothly through this natural transition in life.

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 00 Quick Guides cover PROSTATE v2PROSTATE DIET provides all the evidence-based, nutritional advice you need to help prevent or improve symptoms associated with benign prostate enlargement (BPH), inflammation (prostatitis), prostate pain (prostatodynia) or prostate cancer. Dr Sarah Brewer explains how certain foods can help such as soy, tomatoes, pomegranate, avocados, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, sweet potatoes and members of the cabbage family. She explains what garlic, lycopene, turmeric, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium and zinc contribute towards prostate health, and the best doses to take. She also covers herbal supplements such as Saw palmetto, Rye pollen and nettle root extracts. This Quick Nutrition Guide will help you get the most from your diet to help maintain a healthier prostate gland.

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 multivitamins coverDO YOU NEED A MULTIVITAMIN? Dr Sarah Brewer explains why vitamins and minerals are vital for optimum health and which foods to eat to obtain which particular nutrients. Lack of these micronutrients can lead to common symptoms such as feeling tired all the time, recurrent infections, aches and pains, scaly skin, dry hair, brittle nails and hormone imbalances. Sarah explains how much of each vitamin and mineral you need, at what dose, and how much is too much. If you decide that a nutritional safety net is right for you, she helps you select the right multivitamin supplement to meet your needs.

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 FINAL OVERCOMING GALLSTONES cover v4OVERCOMING GALLSTONES provides all the evidence-based advice you need to reduce  your gallbladder symptoms. Dr Sarah Brewer explains the medical and nutritional approaches that can dissolve gallstones or minimise the pain and discomfort they cause. She covers the best diet to follow and the best nutritional supplements to take, with doses based on published clinical trials. If you are contemplating gallbladder surgery, she provides a full step-by-step guide to what happens whether you undergo a laparoscopic procedure or an open operation.

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 OVERCOMING Candida cover3 KINDLEOVERCOMING CANDIDA explains how to  boost your immunity against thrush and overcome intestinal and more intimate symptoms. It reveals the links with irritable bowel syndrome, lactose, gluten and wheat intolerances, and how Candida affects those with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Learn about the 5Rs nutritional approach to treatment and how to follow an elimination diet, alkaline diet and the more traditional anti-Candida diet, as well as the research behind vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

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OVERCOMING Low Sex Drive Kindle cover 2OVERCOMING LOW SEX DRIVE explains how your libido is controlled, and the many reasons why it can fail. As well as describing all the research behind herbal medicines, aphrodisiacs, vitamins, minerals and amino acid supplements, it gives an overview of pheromones, aromatherapy and hormonal treatments. Follow one of twelve plans – five for men and seven for women – to help boost your low libido, whatever the underlying cause. Expect to notice a difference within just a few weeks.


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EnVitMinsTHE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO VITAMINS & MINERALS & HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS explains all you need to know, from functions and benefits to research evidence and best doses. It includes an A-Z guide to 150 supplements, possible side effects and contraindications, plus an overview of the  common health problems they can help, such as IBS, chronic fatigue, recurrent candida and arthritis. Packed with clear and concise answers, this essential guide explains how supplements can maintain or improve your daily health.

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NHG_Asthma_PB_UK_NEW (2)OVERCOMING ASTHMA provides an easy-to-follow program of complementary medicine and self-care treatments, specially designed to support the conventional treatment for asthma. Embark upon The Gentle Program, The Moderate Program or The Full-strength Program. Each program guides you through daily nutritional plans, as well as exercise, complementary therapies and lifestyle changes, all of which will empower you to make real changes to your health and your life.
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NHG Diabetes_DBP_Jacket (2)OVERCOMING DIABETES  provides an easy-to-follow program of complementary medicine and self-care treatments for this increasingly prevalent condition. It guides you through the many complementary and nutritional approaches to treatment, such as reflexology, acupuncture and magnetic therapy, plus the benefits of including good fats and superfoods in your diet. It reveals the key to good nutrition and provides a Gentle, Moderate and Full-strength Program to help you take control at your own pace.

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NHG_HighBloodPressure_PB_mini (2)OVERCOMING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE offers three, easy-to-follow programs of complementary medicine and self-care treatments  to support conventional treatments. Different nutritional approaches are used to create Gentle, Moderate and Full-strength programs so you can decide which suits your lifestyle best. Each program offers daily menu plans, exercise routines and techniques from complementary medicine to help you make real, long-lasting changes to your health.

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NHG_Arthritus_DBP_Jacket jpg (2)OVERCOMING ARTHRITIS provides an easy-to follow program designed to support the conventional treatment of arthritis. It covers the many complementary and nutritional approaches that can help, from osteopathy, yoga, hydrotherapy, copper therapy and meditation to eating more antioxidants, eliminating trigger foods and taking regular gentle exercise. Choose from Gentle, Moderate and Full-strength programs of daily nutritional plans, exercise routines, therapeutic techniques and lifestyle changes to make real changes to your health and your life.

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Print Books 

Overcoming Low Sex Drive (Medilance, 2015)
Overcoming Candida (Medilance, 2014)
Overcoming Gallstones (Medilance, 2014)

The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements (Right Way, 2002, 2010)
Nutrition: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld, 2013)

Eat Well, Stay Well (Connections, 2013)
Live Longer, Look Younger (Connections, 2012)

Cut Your Cholesterol Quercus 2009
Cut Your Stress (Quercus, 2010)
Death: A survival Guide (Quercus, 2011)
The Pregnant Body Book (Dorling Kindersley, 2011, co-author)

The Illustrated Surgery Guide (Quercus, 2009)
The Human Body (Quercus, 2009)

Natural Health Guru: Overcoming Arthritis Duncan Baird 2009
Natural Health Guru: Overcoming Asthma Duncan Baird 2009
Natural Health Guru: Overcoming High BP Duncan Baird 2008
Natural Health Guru: Overcoming Diabetes Duncan Baird 2008

Low-Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies (Wiley, 2009, co-author)
Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies (Wiley 2007, co-author)
Menopause for Dummies (Wiley 2007, co-author)
Thyroid for Dummies (Wiley 2006, co-author)
Arthritis for Dummies (Wiley 2006, co-author)

Natural Approaches to Diabetes (Piatkus, 2005)
Intimate Relations: Living and Loving in Later Life   (Age Concern, 2004)
The IBS Diet   (Thorsons, 2004)
Daily Telegraph Complete Guide to Menopause   (Robinson, 2003)
Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure   (Thorsons, 2003)
Eat to Beat IBS   (Thorsons, 2002)

1001 Facts about the Human Body  (Dorling Kindersley, 2002)
Energy Boosters Handbook   (Dorling Kindersley, 2002)

A Child’s World (Channel 4) (Headline, 2001)

The Total Detox Plan (Carlton, 2000, 2009)

Live Better: Relaxation (Duncan Baird, 2003)
Simply Relax (Duncan Baird, 2000)

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    I’m very much impressed at your pointer in ‘Cut Your Stress’ to Biofeedback, specifically the EmWave/HeartMath monitor link. Dysautonomia as indicated by HeartRate Variability is only now being recognised as a more vital sign than simple HeartRate. Training by Resp Sinus Arrhythmia feedback is still inceptive 6 years later (although it’s 2 decades since !
    Nonetheless, despite validation of such infrared blood pulse monitors by James Heathers (ie the iThlete), I’m appreciating the surety of an ECG pickup such as the Polar H7 and a mobile phone app such as Elite or Grobe’s HRV Monitor.
    Apologies for the technobabble, but realising that this has become peripherical to your dietary instructionals this is merely an appreciation of your RSA insight. I’d suggest therapists interested in the concept continue via: