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Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has become one of the most popular supplements in recent years. Quality varies greatly, however, and I have been privy to independent tests which reveal that some mainstream CBD supplements available on the High Street contain low levels of CBD that do not meet their label claims. This is because they have not been made to a pharmaceutical standard known as GMP which ensures purity, quality and consistency of every dose. Here I recommend  what I consider are the best CBD supplements.

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CBD oil capsules

If, like me, you do not like the earthy taste of CBD and prefer to take cannabidiol oil in the form of a capsule, then Healthspan (for whom I act as a medical consultant) offer two strengths of capsule which are made to GMP standards.

High strength CBD oil (6.4mg cannabidiol) with added olive oil to aid absorption. (The 384mg CBD mentioned on the label is the total amount of CBD within the whole pack.)

Dose: one to three capsules daily with water.

This is a good starting dose that can be slowly increased from one capsule to three capsules per day to find what works best for you.

Super Strength CBD Oil (15mg cannabidiol per capsule) with added hemp oil to aid absorption. (The 900mg CBD mentioned on the label is the total amount of CBD within the whole pack.)

Dose: one to two capsules daily with water.

This is a great ‘next step’ supplement if you find a lower dose does not work as well as you would like.

Healthspan supplements are available from Healthspan and Boots.

CBD oil gummies

I recommend the LOVEHEMP range of products which are made to GMP standards and provide a guaranteed level of cannabidiol.

lovehemp gummies LOVEHEMP’s CBD infused Gummy Bears provide 10mg CBD and are sugar-free with pleasant fruit flavours.

Dose: 1 to 4 gummies per day, as needed. Do not exceed 10 gummies daily.

The smallest pack size of 10 bears means you can trial them to ensure you like them. Other pack sizes are 25 bears, 50 bears, 100 bears, 200 bears, and 500 bears.

LOVEHEMP’s CBD infused Gummy Bears are available from

CBD oil spray

LOVE HEMP atomiser spray If you prefer a spray and want to avoid the earthy tastes of CBD, then I recommend LOVEHEMP’s 400mg CBD Oil atomiser spray which is  based on coconut oil with either Natural, Peppermint, Orange or Lemon flavours (my personal favourite).

Dose: 2 to 4 sprays, two to four times per day.

Spray under your tongue and hold the oil in your mouth for a minute or so before swallowing.  A 2 spray dose provides 4mg cannabinoids. This is a great ‘beginner’s product if you haven’t tried cannabidiol extracts before as it allows you to tailor the dose to your needs.

LOVEHEMP’s 400mg CBD Oil spray is available from

CBD oil drops

LOVEHEMP drops LOVEHEMP’s 800mg 8% CBD Oil drops are available in two flavours – natural, or Peppermint for those who prefer to hide the natural flavour. The CBD is dissolved in raw, organic hempseed oil, and the dose is 6 to 12 drops, taken two or three times a day. Place the drops under your tongue, and hold in your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing. The dose of 6 drops provides 20mg active cannabinoids (CBD).You can also mix the drops with olive or coconut oil and apply topically to the skin to treat rashes and promote wound healing. LOVEHEMP 8% CBD oil is available from

I will continue to add good quality CBD products here as I find them. Do share your suggestions and experiences below. Thanks.