Salmon for multiple sclerosis

Fish oils have beneficial effects on the brain to lift a low mood and protect against depression. Early […]

Fish Oils Reduce Depression

Cinnamon is among a number of kitchen spices with a long history of use in treating diabetes, along […]

Cinnamon Helps Diabetes

vitamin D sunshine

This was an interesting couple of weeks for vitamin D. First we had a negative headline suggesting that […]

Do You Need More Vitamin D?


Diet has as much impact on skin aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as does […]

Diet And Skin Aging

Co-enzyme Q10 supplements can boost fertility in both men and women. Following my recent post on statins and […]

CoQ10 Boosts Fertility

Nutritional approaches can support prostate health and following a prostate-friendly diet can improve prostate pain (prostatodynia), prostate inflammation […]

Diet And Prostate Disease

cooked egg

An interesting study, dubbed the DIABEGG trial, explored whether overweight people with type 2 diabetes would benefit from […]

How Many Eggs Per Week?

sweet potato

The health benefits of sweet potatoes are significantly greater than white potatoes. By enjoying them regularly, perhaps once […]

Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

Our love affair with garlic is such that average consumption amounts to one clove, per person, per day, […]

Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure

hot chocolate

Drinking cocoa has beneficial effects on the brain to boost your memory – especially your memory recall. This […]

Cocoa Boosts Your Memory

juicy orange

Drinking orange juice can boost brain function to speed your reasoning skills, with researchers noting beneficial effects in […]

Orange Juice Boosts Memory

Whether or not drinking coffee affects heart health is controversial. Certainly too much caffeine can raise your blood […]

Is Coffee Good For Your Heart?