The Top Five Reasons You Need Honey this Winter

Honey is one of those wonderful foods that can transform foods and beverages in an instant. But did you know that honey also offers some powerful health benefits? If you’re busy studying for your MSN in nursing administration degree, then you can’t afford to get sick this winter. This is all the more reason you’ll want to read on.

Help Calm Your Allergies

Although allergies are often considered a spring and summer problem, allergies can affect people just as much during the winter. They can leave you feeling sluggish, congested, and itchy, which is never a fun combination. If you’re looking for something to reach for other than allergy medicine to help, you may want to grab your honey. Did you know that honey has anti-inflammatory properties? It can help to decrease symptoms associated allergies and to soothe a cough.

Besides being an anti-inflammatory, honey also contains pollen. When ingested, pollen helps to trigger the production of antibodies which may help to fight allergies. But, while eating a locally produced honey is often recommended to help prevent hay fever, there is no firm evidence that it works. Most of the pollen in honey is heavy, flower pollen rather than the light, wind-dispersed pollen from trees and grasses that usually trigger allergic symptoms.

A small study from the University of Connecticut, asked 36 people to eat either a locally produced, unfiltered honey (containing pollen), a nationally produced filtered honey (containing little pollen), or a honey-flavoured corn syrup (containing no honey or pollen) and found no difference in hay fever symptoms among the three groups.

However, another study involving honey made from bees feeding on birch pollen found that it did reduce hay fever symptoms and also reduced the need for antihistamines.

Help with Sleeping

Of course, one way to get sick during winter is to allow your body to become rundown thanks to lack of sleep. If you’re having problems sleeping, honey can assist again. Honey helps your body to release serotonin which is then converted into your natural, sleep-promoting hormone, melatonin. Another excellent source of pre-formed melatonin is cherry juice, which can also promote a good night’s sleep.

honey jarKickstart Your Memory

As a student, you have a lot of information to learn and remember, ready to recall during exams. Did you know that honey can help with this as well? Honey has been shown to help with memory thanks to the antioxidants contained in it. These work to prevent cellular level damage within the brain, which results in memory loss.

A Natural Probiotic

Yogurt is well-known for its beneficial effect on digestion and immunity, but what about honey? In fact, honey acts as a prebiotic, helping to boost the survival of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Recent research also suggests that traces of a probiotic bacteria, called Lactobacillus kunkeei, that is found in honeybee products can also stimulate immunity by increasing the secretion of beneficial IgA antibodies within the saliva and intestines. Manuka and other medicinal honeys can also help to reduce winter colds and other respiratory infections through their natural antibiotic action.

Soothe Dry Skin

Another area that suffers in the cold dry winter is your skin. If you want to instantly beautify and fix your skin, then honey can do the trick. It is nourishing and moisturizing, with anti-bacterial qualities that are excellent for different skin conditions. You won’t want to slather the honey on your skin directly, but look for products that contain honey or make your own treatments at home. Medicinal honey gels are also available from pharmacies to help boost wound healing.

Honey – a Natural Wonder

Honey is a true, natural health wonder that offers beneficial health effects during winter – and really, all year-round. It provides you with energy, a memory boost, and has soothing properties both inside and outside your body, which will allow you to focus on your RN to MSN online program.

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