Best Options for Hair Regrowth That You Should Know About

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If you have lost your hair due to illness, alopecia or hormone-related hair thinning, you will want to start growing back the hair you have lost as soon as possible. Despite what many people believe, re-growing hair is far from impossible. The results that you get will depend on your own condition as well as the method you use. A number of options are available, including nutritional medicine approaches if your hair thinning is related to menopause.

Over-the-counter products

You will quickly find there are lots of different hair regrowth products available in stores and online. Make a point of looking into as many of these products as possible so you can find one that is most likely to suit you. Many of these products work well, but some achieve better results than others with regular use. Spend time researching how these treatments work, to ensure you select the best product for you. Caffeine shampoos and other caffeinated scalp treatments are effective for mild to moderate thinning in both men and women, for example, while products that contain minoxidil are best for promoting hair regrowth for male pattern baldness.

Laser light therapy

Laser light therapy has proven to be quite effective at helping with re-growing hair, and is another option. These treatments work by increasing blood flow to the affected area. When used in combination with other hair regrowth treatments, laser light therapy can help you get back your hair surprisingly fast.


While surgery was once regarded as a last option after trying other treatments, hair replacement surgery has progressed at a rapid rate and can provide a natural-looking, more permanent way to re-grow your hair. Surgically-assisted hair regrowth is especially helpful for people with patches of hair loss or male pattern baldness. These procedures involve taking a section of hair from the back of the head and regrafting it on the affected areas of scalp. Some procedures even involved the resiting of individual hair follicles. Surgical approaches for hair regeneration are quite costly, but many people consider this route to improve their self-confidence if other options have not achieved the required results.

Wigs and hair pieces

A wig or hair piece can provide the appearance of having a full head of natural hair. If you want an ultra-realistic looking wig or hair piece, be prepared to spend some serious money. There are lots of different places for you to buy hair pieces, but you should take the time to explore your options and, ideally, try on the items to see if they suit you before buying. A good wig or hair piece can go a long way towards improving your self-esteem. You can also have hair pieces woven into your own hair to disguise patchy hair loss or thin panels. The leading expert is Lucinda Ellery who has salons in the UK and the US.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with their appearance because of hair loss now has numerous options to help them re-grow or replace thinning hair. While re-growing hair isn’t always easy, it’s worth investing time and effort to research your options before investing your money.

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