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If you have any questions about nutrition or supplements, please use the comments box below and I will answer as soon as possible. I can, of course, only give general advice. If you have any persistent symptoms or health problems that worry you, please consult your own doctor.

“Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.” Joan Rivers


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581 thoughts on “Ask Me A Question

  • Robert

    Interesting idea of incorporating the antibacterial properties of cranberries into a mouthwash. Do you know if the compounds responsible for antibacterial activity have been isolated and identified? If yes do you have a reference?

  • LYN

    We note from your book that there are supplements that help mitigate the effects of chemotherapy. Should they be taken before or after each chemotherapy treatment?

  • Pippa

    Hello Sarah

    I would like to know what your thoughts are on l-theanine? Recently I have been taking 350mg before bed, it definitely makes me feel relaxed within 40 minutes. I am able to fall asleep quicker, have a deeper sleep and feel less anxious. It very effective, so I was surprised not to find l-theanine on your list for insomnia or anxiety. I have tried lemon balm but did not feel or notice any difference, maybe I need to take it for longer periods.

    Kind regards


  • Bill

    Does Niacin really lower your LDL and raise your HDL ? What dosage do you recommend ? better to just take an overall B-complex supplement ?
    Thank you for all your good info !

  • Alez

    thanks for you website, very informative and useful
    I read your sections about menopause, hemp oil, supplement etc
    I am a little confused about the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, especially when it comes to finding/ buying it
    I have had a look on Amazon it seems that it’s mostly hemp oil, then when I find CBD oil it’s extremely expensive (online),
    there is also CBD at Holland and Barrett (UK).
    Is there a CBD oil you can recommend that is of a reasonable price (around £20) and good quality that is available on Amazon Uk maybe?

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Alez, Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and contains very little CBD (cannabidiol) but does offer nutritional benefits. For the therapeutic effetso of CBD, you need a supplement that conntains a declared amount of CBD. I have listed what I believe are the best CBD oil supplements here . Disclaimer: I am the medical director of Healthspan. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Anne Harvey

    I have read that lavender flowers are helpful to eyesight, because eagles and other raptors eat them. Would lavender capsules improve my dry AMD in one eye and prevent the spread to the other eye? I take tablets which include lutein, zeaxanthin and 9mg lavender flowers. Would the addition of lavender capsules be beneficial or harmful? I also take other vitamin and mineral supplements and try to eat a healthy diet and exercise plan.
    Thank you.

  • Val

    Help, l am a nurse long in the tooth. I reluctantly stared taking Amlodipine for Hypertension, l had bad odeama so it was changed to Lorsarten. I still have fluid everywhere. My gp says I it would not do that. I have found evidence to differ. I would like to use Hibuscus tea instead. What do you think. I am sweating constantly since taking lorsarten and my wrists are sore. He won’t budge in taking me off and l am scared if l stop myself my bo May rise too quickly again. I would like some expert help please. Thank you in advance. Val.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Val, Oedema is certainly one of the stated side effects of Losarten althought this is classed as uncommon. It is vital to control your hypertension – more information is available on my other website Do try to tell your doctor that you don’t feel that your current medication is suiting you and, if he still won’t change your medication ask for a second opinion or referral to a specialist. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Trudy

    My mom is in stage 3 kidney failure…is CuralIfe safe for kidneys? She also has congestive heart failure…so just wondered if it would be safe for her

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Trudy, I’m sorry to hear about your mum. I am not able to advise in this case, unfortunately, as I have no experience of using Curalin in people with kidney failure or congestive heart failure. It is important to check with her own doctors but I suspect they would not advise it. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Gaynor

    Good morning,
    As a menopausal lady of 59 years I was interested to read your article in the Daily Mail today. I suffer dreadfully with hot flushes but then I am on a hormone medication to block estrogen as a result of breast cancer.
    I believe that it is therefore not to my advantage to consume soya bases foods or indeed flaxseed, however this information is very mixed and not confirmed. I wonder about isoflavines.
    I know you can not help me personally but wondered if you have ever looked into help for ladies who have had hormone related breast cancer and if not whether you might in the future.
    Kind regards

  • RVB

    Further to my recent question I must mention that we are told that as hypertensive sufferers we should get a good nights sleep and then put on drugs like Beta Blockers/Ace drugs which disturb sleep, we are told to exercise then put on drugs which swell up our ankles so that we cannot get our shoes on. We are told to lose weight then put on Beta blockers which stop us losing weight. Is it any wonder that we lose confidence in Doctors and wish to try natural meds?

  • LR

    Hi, I’m vegetarian, but eat one egg a day….I have been for 55 years, I’m 60 now. but my question is wh6 is every thing so thick in me! my mucus some times feels so thick I can’t clear my throat. My blood cholesterol is so high it’s off the charts and runs in my family. . I eat 80% veggies (mostly cooked) and some fruit and nuts, grains and beans. My tempature is 5 degees too low, but my thyroid tests all come back fine. I do have very low blood pressure too. When I used to do (kindly raised ) dairy my mucus got so extremely thick I felt like I would choke. I rarely get colds but when I do trying to cough breaks ribs. Any idea?? Thanks so much, my doctor has no idea.
    Ps it’s not cystic fibrosis…unless one can have a mild case.

  • Luma

    My question is can you tell us why we should trust your advice? Do you have credentials or experience that you can share with us? Thanks, I dont mean to be rude, but the Internet is a tricky place. Thanks


    Hi Dr. Brewer,
    Here is my question:
    If I am wearing a “copper bracelet”, how much copper (mg or mgr) is absorbed by my body in a day?
    Thank you,

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Turker, Over the course of a year, copper is absorbed from copper jewelry at an estimated rate of between 100mg and 150mg copper annually. In one study involving over 300 people with arthritis, a pair of copper bracelets lost 80 mg in weight within 50 days when worn around the ankles and a copper bracelet worn around the wrist lost 90 mg copper in that time. I have written about copper bracelets here: Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Yvonne

    I have both Diabetes and now Arthritis, I have both of your books. My questions about food allergies, in your book it uses nuts as a snack or in meals, what can I substitute these with?

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Yvonne, as a snack you could try blueberries which are exceptionally high in antioxidants, or edamame (young soy beans). In meals you could try chickpeas, edamame or shiitake mushrooms, depending on the recipe. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Andrew

    I suffer with anxiety and depression and recently I struggle to sleep through the night. I’ve read that CBD Oil and 5-HTP could help with this but not sure which would be best or if both should be taken. I also read about GABA being taken along side 5-HTP. Could you please give my your thoughts and maybe dosage suggestion please. Thanks

  • Baljit

    Dear Dr Brewer, I am emailing to ask yr advice please. I am 56 and periods stopped about 3 yrs ago. About 2 yrs ago I developed a type of arthritis in knees etc. I’ve always had an active life, a vegetarian and fairly healthy. About 10 yrs ago I got colitis but overcame it with the help of a herbalist so haven’t taken any medication for many yrs.

    I would like some help desperately with the arthritis situation

    I have been careful with diet for manyyrs like avoiding diary wheat etc, taken various supplements etc. I was even thinking to go to a healing retreat to help with my health bu5 not sure what might be best.

    Could I see you for a consultation and would you also be able to recommend maybe herbalists or homeopath etc

    Many thanks

  • Antonella

    Dear Sarah,
    I take 100mg ubiquinol with 500 mg omega 3 at lunch. Should I continue to do so or take them separately please? I also take maca in the morning. I take crystal vision biobalance in the afternoon and magnesium togetherhealth after dinner. I also have cycles with 15 mg zinc as my zinc is low. I also take vit c, generally 120 mg a day. Could you please advice if I should continue to do so or not?
    Many thanks
    Best regards,