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  • Lance

    Hello Dr. Brewer,
    I have a consistently swollen left foot and my right foot to a lesser degree. When I press and release the left, there is an indentation of 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch which leaves in 7-8 seconds. I am on lisinopril, hydrochlorothiazide, amlodipine, atorvastatin and metformin. I read your article on hawthorn and am eager to try it, anything to lessen the fluid retention and return my feet to normal.

    Thank you for your time,


    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Lance, It is important to see your doctor to find out the cause. It may be a side effect of your medication, but you may need your diuretic changed, and/or your heart, kidney function and leg circulation checked. Ask your doctor whether or not compression socks/stockings are indicated. Best wishes, Sarah B

      • Robert

        Hi Dr Sarah
        I have slight high blood press and anxiety. I saw your article about L-arginine supplements and how they help. I am on a small dose blood pressure med and dont like to be on lab made meds if I dont have to especially with all the side effects that are worse than alternative supplements. Would l-argining be a good alternative for slight high blood pressure and anxiety.
        Thank you for your time and help with this.

  • Janet

    Hallo – I’ve just bought my first packet of Fruitflow + Omega 3 – I am 71. My father died of heart disease at 52, having suffered for some years before. He is thought to have had ‘sticky blood’. My blood pressure is normal but I was wondering if Fruitflow would adversely lower my blood pressure or thin my blood. Also, I have just read that you shouldn’t take a blood thinner with cod liver oil, which I take every day. Your advice would be most helpful – I don’t want to overcompensate!
    Kind regards

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Janet, Fruitflow + Omega-3 is a good supplement as it helps to protect against unwanted blood clots through an effect on blod platelets, making them less ‘spikey’. This does not affect their ability to clot normally when needed (eg when wounded). This also improves blood flow so that When blood pressure is raised, it has a small effect to help bring it down, but is not expected to have an effect when blood pressure is normal. Everyone is different, however, so there are no guarantees. There is 500mg omega-3 in the supplement, so you can continue taking the cod liver oil as well if you wish. The European Food Safety Authority have confirmed that long-term intakes of up to 5g of EPA plus DHA omega-3 per day (or up to 1g DHA alone per day) do not raise any safety concerns. If you decied to stop the cod liver oil, ensure you get your vitamin D3 from another source. If on any medication check with your doctor before taking any supplements. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Mo

    Hello. Ive been doing research for 2 weeks on astaxanthin and krill oil to help for some health issues. I thought to myself why not ask the expert (you). Im a proponent of whole food supplemrnts, rather than indivsual supplements because whole foods as nature intended offer synergy benefits for absorbtion. In rare cases I resort to minimally processed supplements closest to whole food form. When im in the US, I believe i could reap astaxanthin benefits by eating sockeye alaskan salmon daily, getting the 4mg im hoping for. However, half of the year im on the other side of the world, where you cant find salmon. Im sending this to ask you a detailed opinion for help on best alternative, would appreciate an answer from a qualified expert. Options I discovered so far are taking a natural astaxanthin extract from h.pulvialis. However as mentioned this is one extracted so doesnt have other elements to help absorbtion. My question to you do you have a supplement of the whole algae h.pulvialis, not the astaxanthin extract, but rather the whole algae, similar to buying whole spirulina algae rather than consituents. If not do you know where could I find it, I would appreciate if you could guide me. I saw articles about whole h.pulvialis algae supplements called astazine, but was not able to find anything about them. If you do offer this whole food product, what are your thoughts on its safety, absorbtion, cultivation and processing. My third option is krill oil, which contains phosphlipids for absorbtion, what are your thoughts? However it has low astaxanthin (0.3mg per capsule). A fourth option is buying krill oil with added astaxanthin, though that kind of different from a whole food concept.
    I would really appreciate your help, if you could guide me which of the 4 options you recomend, if your company offers it, if not where to find the least processed supplement (closest to whole food).
    Thank you very much.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Mo, personally I prefer Krill Oil supplements as these provide a ‘food state’ form of astaxanthin with phospholipids to aid bioavailability, plus DHA and EPA. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Farzi

    I’m 57 y/o lady Wt=99 kg Height- 160 cm. I’ve Hypothyroid & DM type 2. Which type of diet do you recommended for weight loss, please.
    Kind Regards


    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Farzi, In general, people with type 2 diabetes tend to lose weigh tbest on a low glycemic diet. You will need your doctor’s support as you may need changes to your medication when changing your diet. It’s also worth asking if your TSH and T4 thyroid hormone levels are optimised to assist weight loss. In the meantime, cut back on portion sizes, opt for a more plant based meal with plenty of fruit and veg, and exercise as much as you can. Best wishes, Sarah B

    • Rosie

      Is it safe to take lavender oil capsules with propranolol please? Also, what nutritional supplements would you recommend for anxiety? Many thanks.

      • Rosie

        Thank you for the reply. I did ask my GP, but he said they were not allowed to comment on alternative remedies as they are not trained in this. I will take a look at your article, it looks very helpful. Also, do you have any information on oat extract / tincture as another option? Thanks for your time and consideration.

      • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

        Hi Rosie, I have not found much evidence that oat tincture is beneficial for anxiety. One of the best options is CBD but this does interact with some medicines. I have more info on CBD HERE. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Joanne


    I was very interested to read your article in the March 2019 publication of Natural Health Magazine which resonated strongly for us.

    Of particular interest are your comments on the impacts of regular Antacid medication.

    I have suffered from Acid Reflux for many years and have had it confirmed that I have some lung tissue scarring as a consequence. We do eat very healthily and avoid any red or processed meats and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and avoid any saturated fats.

    I am normally a very active person but for some considerable time have been feeling very run down, lacking energy and motivation and experiencing health problems including high blood pressure; neuralgic triggers that have caused electric shock pains in the side of my face and head; flaking eyelids and in the area around my eyes; and the need to use the toilet probably 4 or 5 times a day when my stools are very, very soft, almost runny.

    As a consequence, this is very debilitating to my quality of life and I am feeling very stressed and irritable. It means we are unable to pursue the active lifestyle that we both want, especially as we have both now retired.

    I take Lansoprazole, Levothyroxine 50mg, and Adcal-D3 and also take supplements including Magnesium, Zinc and others but I really think that I am taking too many supplements!

    I recognise that you are only able to offer general comments, but are you able to advise if any of the supplements you mention in your article are generally found to impact and reduce my symptoms as described?

    Also, perhaps, if you are aware of any food item, maybe even a particular fruit, or a particular vitamin supplement, that might be aggravating my condition and particularly my excessive bowel movement and/or further restricting the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins?

    I would really appreciate any comments you may have.

    With grateful thanks,

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Joanne, I have covered some aspects of indigestion and heartburn in this post. Some of the symptoms you describe suggest vitamin B deficiencies, especially B6 and B12. These can develop when stomach acid levels are low, which reduces absorption. Your doctor can perform a blodo test to check your B12 levels. Too much magnesium can cause excessive bowel movements. If symptoms continue, do see your doctor for individual advice and to have your thyroid levels checked. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Hans

    Your recommendation to take Magnesium supplements does not mention ReMag – why not. The usual Mg-salts cause diarrhea when you come into therapeutic amounts of more than 400mg / d.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Hans, I do not recommend taking magnesium supplements at levels above 400mg per day. Most good supplements supply 375mg per day, which is the EU recommended daily amount, so there is no need to spend out on an expensive formulation. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Joyce

    Dear Dr Sarah I have been taking one tablespoon of Flaxseed on my cereal every morning which has helped my constipation but believe I am consuming too much? Is that true? . I also take three capsules of Bio-fish oil every day.
    I would appreciate your advice.
    Kind regards

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Joyce, a tablespoon of flaxseed per day is an acceptable amount, and as it has helped your constipation you can choose to continue this if you wish, or cut back. Up to you! Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Vanessa

    My son has been suffering from very severe night sweats (absolutely soaking), he has seen the Dr who after various blood tests confirms there is nothing wrong with him and says it must be stress-related. He is a natural worrier and of course the night sweats keep both him and his wife awake at night, which of course feeds the situation. I wondered about getting him some Ashwagandha or Rhodiola – what would you suggest? Or anything else you could recommend.

  • Thea

    Dear Sarah,

    Please can you recommend a good multivitamin without Ascorbic acid? I have Severe M.E and chronic gastritis, so I really need something to help support my body but it needs to be gentle too.

    l tried one good one that also had added herbs in, but it upset my hormone balance so i’d rather avoid added herbs or excessive amounts of vitamin B. It seems that the more expensive supplements seem to have an overkill of amounts in, but too many b vitamins can leave me on the loo every 5 minutes! It seems like a minefield and i find it really hard to concentrate on analyzing lots of products as i get so mentally tired with the M.E in a short space of time.

    I’d really appreciate your advice to help me get something suitable!

    With best wishes,

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Thea, Almost all multivitamin and mineral supplements contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid) although most only have a relatively low dose of 60mg to 90mg. The non-acidic form of vitamin C is known as ester-C and this is suitable for people with acid indigestion and gastritis. Other information is included in my post on indigestion and heartburn. Gastritis leads to low stomach acid levels which reduces B vitamin absorption, contributing to ME. Uusually it is magnesium rather than B vits cause loose bowels. If your change in bowel habit continues, do see your doctor. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Jim

    Dear Dr Brewer, I have Prostate Cancer ( Gleason score 7 Grade Group 2) Am currently taking Saw Palmetto and Selenium, but am unsure about dosage. Also wondering about CBD products. I would like a copy of your Kindle Book but can’t find a link, I’m not on facebook.

  • Malena

    Hello Dr. Brewer,

    I have been doing extensive research on the multi-vitamin vs individual vitamin needs. I am a female, age 21, average weight, mom to 1 toddler, housewife. I am looking to better my overall health, and prepare myself for future pregnancies. I love cooking and would like to provide decently healthy meals to my family currently our funds and husbands work schedule doesn’t allow me to do that. I would like to start exercising as well. I would like to start taking magnesium daily for the help with hormonal migraines, and the link with serotonin it gives. What else would you suggest? Whether it be a blend or to add more individual vitamins to my diet.

  • Lyn

    I am having trouble sleeping at night. I get to sleep quite quickly but wake up about 4-4.30am and am unable to get back to sleep unless I take a 2mg tablet of Diazepam. I am concerned that this can be habit forming so I don`t take it every night. This is beginning to affect my daytime mood. I am much better in the summer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi John, while cod liver oil does contain some vitamin D3, this is usually only around 5mcg per capsule. Depending on your age, a minimum intake of 10mcg vitamin D3 is recommended, and for most adults I woudl suggest 25mcg. For those aged 50 plus, a 50mcg dose per day may be needed to maintain optimum vitamin D status. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Christine

    I am afraid l cancelled by mistake ,your article from Healthspan ,the best time to take supplements,
    Would you kindly send it to me please.
    Many thanks.

  • David

    I have been taking a Healthspan one a day opti-turmeric tablet for nearly a year now and continue to do so.However,I have
    read several websites recently which refers to turmeric causing kidney stones due to it being high in oxalate.I have been
    a long term sufferer of kidney stones due to endocrine problems over 35 years.I would very much value your advice as
    to whether I should stop taking the turmeric.
    Many thanks

    David Knowles

  • Geraldine

    I am having central nervous system problems,what could you reccomend,as i have reactions to most conventional drugs.I also take Clopidogrel.Can you advise.I have àll the symptoms of fibro,but my doctor says it wouldn’t help if she diagnosed it.It all started 6months after my mastectomy.Hypersensitivity,photosensitivity,tingling in all the extemities,dizziness,aching muscles,but no fatigue.I have been on B12 for 4years but don’t get the fatigue with that.My life feels like its over.You are my last hope.
    Thank you.Geraldine.I am 65yrs old

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Geraldine, I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so low. As your symptoms are continuing do ask your doctor to refer you to a neurologist for an expert assessment (or at least a second opinion). Some people have found that magnesium and ubiquinol supplements are helpful for fibromyalgia like symptoms but it’s important to find out the underlying cause. I hope that helps. best wishes, Sarah B

  • Margaret

    I am going to fit the primrose oil supplements into my diet – 1] take with food or alone… the bottle does not state, and 2] when is the best tie of day to take the pills, and should the 2 pill dosage be split up during the day? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Margaret, Evening primrose oil is best taken after a meal to aid absorption as it is fat soluble, but it can be taken on its own if that’s easier. I take mine at night, but again it can be taken at any time, and there is no need to split the dose. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Joyce

    Dear Dr Sarsh
    Is it safe for me to take Bacopa Monieri?
    I am 72 and take 1 tablet a day of ramipril.
    Many thanks

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Joyce, There is very little information available on possible drug interactions for Bacopa. However, according to one drug interaction checker, no clinically relevant interactions have been reported. Do check with your doctor however. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Angela

    Please help, my partner was told by GP’s nurse that he has high cholesterol (9). She advised to cut out full fat milk, cheese, red meat & butter. We have found a lot of conflicting advice & are very confused. Your advice would be much appreciated.
    Also, I was told I am pre diabetic & it seems we are going to be Jack Spratt & his wife, but that may be a separate question. Many thanks for any advice you can provide.

  • dorothy

    Dr. Brewer: On today’s 60-and Me interview you talked about a supplement that creates new pathways in the brain. I couldn’t make out the name of it, or where I might be able to get it. Would you write out that information for me, please?
    Thank you.

  • Lyn

    I am writing to you on behalf of my husband who has been suffering from severe nasal congestion for 2 or 3 months. He has been using saline rinses and Beconase inhalers but nothing really seems to help and it is making him very miserable. He sneezes frequently. I wonder if you have any other suggestions for this unpleasant condition.
    Thanks, as usual, for your excellent advice.

  • Anthony

    I read that you suggest eating baobab breadfruit to lower sugar levels and reduce risks in a diabetic person. could you point me to your article, since I cannot find it?

    Thank you,

  • Joyce

    Hi Sarah if you think it’s wise to, could you please recommend a pick me up for an exhausted mum of a toddler and 9 month old. Through lack of sleep my daughter and her husband appear to be run down and and picking up every ailment their kids get. My daughter is still breast feeding her 9 month old

    Many thanks


    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Joyce, Caring for two young children can be exhausting. ALthough diet should always come first, your daughter may benefit from a vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid supplement designed for breast-feeding as her nutritional needs are increased. PUblic Health England also recommend that everyone in the UK takes a vitamin D supplement during the cold months of the year. Probiotics can help boost immunity too. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Hazel

    I am an obese woman of 66 years,i haven’t eat fruit & vegetables or meat in years..I suffer with stress,anxiety and depression,therefore I constantly comfort eat on all the wrong junk foods.Would it be safe for me to take a Multy vit/min supplement,plus vitamin d and a fish oil supplement from Healthspans range as they are a very good company? I am on candesarten for high blood pressure so what supplements do you recommend? I notice Healthspan do a wide range of multy vit/mins and including a 70 plus supplement but that contains Ginseng so I don’t know whether itd be safe as im on blood pressure pills.I am also pre diabetic and have high chlorestrol due to my unhealthy eating and been obese,so can you recommend me some supplements please? if possible Healthspan products.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Hazel, Your GP or practice nurse can provide advice on healthy eating for weight loss, but if you know your diet is not as good as it should be, a vitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea. Healthspan MultiVitality 50+ provides a good blend. Healthspan plant sterol supplements have an authorised health claim for lowering cholesterol levels. If you don’t eat much oily fish, an omega-3 fish oil supplement is also a good idea. Any exercise you can manage to fit in will help with cholesterol, glucose control and weight, too. Have you confided in your GP about the anxiet and depression? Referral for counselling may help you feel better. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Kate

    I am being treated for a-fib. I had an a-fib ablation in July and still on meds (eliguis, flecanide and metropolol) for a period post-procedure. I had the ablation with the hope I would not have to take the meds long term. I struggle with the side effects (low energy and increased depression), but remain active. Since a young age (64 now) I’ve taken supplements. This is a new era for me and I would like to know what supplements you recommend for this condition. Thank you for your time.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Kate, If your doctor decides you can stop taking the medication, supplements such as omega 3 and Fruitflow (a tomato extract) can help to reduce unwnated blood clots, but these should not be used while on antiplatelet drugs (Eliquis). You could ask your doctor about taking ubiquinol – a form of coenzyme Q10 that is needed for energy production in cells – especially heart muscle cells. Magnesium and calcium are also important for muscle contraction – diet should always come first, so aim to eat more of the foods that supply them. Vitamin D is often low at this time of year, and can contribute to fatigue – Public Health England suggests that everyone takes a supplement during the winter. I hope that helps, best wishes, Sarah B

  • rebecca

    Hi Sarah, I have Proctitis (in remission) and Diverticulitis, the most important thing is to keep “regular” I have been taking Fybogel which works fine along with a Probiotic (Healthspan) but have been reading about Bimuno which seems to do both am I right ? what is your opinion on this product and would it be suitable for me ?

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Rebecca, Bimuno is a prebiotic fibre (galactooligosaccharides) which feeds bowel bacteria and helps to bulk up stools. It is mainly used to improve symptoms of IBS and to boost immunity against traveller’s diarrhoea. Preliminary evidence suggests that probiotics plus gallctooligosaccharides may have beneficial effects against ulcerative colitis but more research is needed. Do check with your doctor before changing what is currently working for you. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Emma

    Hello Dr Brewer,
    I had breast cancer aged 29 years and had chemo, radiotherapy and took tamoxifen for 5 years. Prior to bc I was fit and full of energy. Thankfully no recurrence to date. I am now 43 years old with fibromyalgia symptoms- for the past 10 years or so. The most recent rheumatologist I saw believed my ‘symptoms’ to be an unfortunate side effect of the cancer treatment. I would like to be pro active, I eat relatively well, am vegetarian, but have no idea where to start in the world of supplements etc there is so much information ‘out there’. I would welcome any advice that could help me in some way.
    I currently take no prescribed medicines except inhalers for well controlled asthma.

      • Emma

        Dear Dr Brewer,
        I just wanted to write and say thank you. I carefully read the fibromyalgia pages on your website as you recommended and decided to start taking the q10 ubiquinol supplement. I cannot believe the difference in my energy levels already, I am on week 4. I don’t want to ramble on but I am able to get up and about within an hour of waking, I am not needing naps/ falling asleep, my painful joints are less so, my thinking is much clearer and I am beginning to plan and take part in activities….Thank you so much, I have searched a long time and feel like I am rejoining the world. Thank you. Emma

  • Alicia

    I went off birth control last December due to horrific side effects and have been taking supplements and making dietary changes in an effort to feel like myself again (I am still recovering slowly, even 10 months later). I am interested in making additional lifestyle changes to balance my hormones properly, however, I currently work graveyard shift 5 nights per week and between bouts of insomnia and having to stay up extended hours to do errands, see family, etc. it’s impossible for me to have a regular sleep pattern (though the majority of the time, I keep my night schedule pattern).

    My question is: Can there be any possibility to achieve proper hormone levels while working a graveyard shift? Is it even worthwhile to attempt this or make modifications based on hormone test results given the melatonin, cortisol, and other disruptions that come along with night work? While I have been able to make positive changes to my health and energy levels on this shift, I’m not certain if it’s even possible to achieve optimal hormone levels at a job that requires continuous night shift work for years on end. Until I can find other work that allows me to work in the day, will hormone tests and attempts to improve my hormonal health be worthwhile, or will everything continue to stay in relative disarray due to this unnatural schedule?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi ALicia, I’m afraid this is not my area of expertise. I have researched high blood pressure associated with shift work and, when factors such as obesity, daily alcohol intake, smoking and physical activity level were taken into account, work patterns and sleep disturbance were no longer significantly associated with hypertension – it was the behavioural responses that were doing the damage. The researchers suggested it’s not the disruption of biorhythms that is harming health, but the behavioural responses to the stress associated with shift working. A healthy diet, regular exercise and avoiding stress will all help. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • O.A. Johnson

    I take 2400 gms of plant sterols, as one dose in the morning. Would this dose last through the day, or should I take plant sterols as three separate doses?

  • Lyn

    Multi vitamin B complex helped me. I also changed to an organic shampoo. It took about 4months to take effect.

  • sandi

    I’m wondering if there are any suggestions for thinning hair at age 70. Thank you for your past article, but I have not been able to research suggestions to help with thinning hair after age 65. Thanks.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer Post author

      Hi Sandi, The approaches are similar whatever your age, but can be more slow to respond. As well as using a caffeine shampoo and conditioner, use a caffeine daily topical solution. taking a multivtamin and mienral designed for people aged 70 plus, and see your doctor to rule out iron deficiency and underactive thyroid gland. Another option is having real hair woven in – the experts at this are Lucinda Ellery hair loss solutions. I’ve seen their results – incredible (UK and US salons). I hope that helps. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Stephen

    Hi Sarah.
    I was only half listening to you on the Jeremy Vine prog. the other day while driving and recall you were measuring Jeremy. Would you please recall the implications. I did check my waist an hip measurements and it surprised me that they are both the same at 41″.
    I am 74 years old, 6’3″ tall, weigh 13st 7lb and eat healthily. (My BMI is 23.5 which is regarded as being “healthy”.)
    Kind regards Stephen

  • flytsoffancy

    I have stage 3/4 copd and today possible diabetes 2, which I believe is caused by steroid inhalers. i am active and hill walk, albeit slowly for 1.5hrs per day. what would you recommend for copd?

    • Dr Sarah Brewer

      HI, In general it’s important to eat a healthy, varied diet for optimum immunity against infections. If your appetite is reduced, you may benefit from a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Vitamin D is especially important during winter to ward off infections. A probiotic supplement can also boost immunity and reduce antibiotic side effects. Another way to help reduce the need for antibiotics is to take pelargonium extracts (eg Kaloba Cough & Cold Tablets). A study involving 199 people with COPD found that adding Pelargonium to their treatment (under medical supervision) for 6 months significantly improved breathing difficulties, decreased antibiotic use and improved quality of life. Do check with yoru doctors first, however. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Lyn

    Recently, my husband has been suffering from bouts of sneezing and snores loudly during the night. He refuses to use antihistamines as he is afraid of side effects. Are there any natural remedies for this?

  • Barbara

    I have bought a box of CBD oil from Healthspan . Is it safe to take this with heart failure meds -Ramipril and Bisolporol. I thought it might help with my IBS.

    • Dr Sarah Brewer

      Hi Barbara, according to the drug interaction tool at there are no known interactions between cannabis (the closest they have to cannabidiol) and either ramipril or bisoprolol. However, it’s always wise to check with your doctor before taking any herbal medication if you have a medical condition so they can monitor your response. Best wishe, Sarah B

  • Ellie

    Do you have any recommendations for diets and/or supplements to improve fertility? Specifically improve egg health, quality, and help couples struggling with infertility? Thank you!

  • Mary

    I was diagnosed with AF in Feb 2018 & I take 1 bisoprolol 2.5mb per day & 1 Apixiban 2.5mg twice a day. I mentioned to my Dr that I am experiencing numbness in my feet and painful arches and my shin. I have been referred to MSK for an appointment. Could my medication cause this numbness/pain and lack of balance in my feet

    • Dr Sarah Brewer

      Hi Mary, it’s difficult to say, but one of the side effects listed for bisoprolol includes feelings of coldness or numbness in the extremities. If your doctor thinks it necessary, they can reassess your medication depending on the outcome of your hospital appointment. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Lyn

    Hi Dr Brewer,
    I’m 34 years old and no pmh aside from suspected pcos. No history of stds. I have one son and I’ve had 3 miscarriages since May 2017 and last one August 3. I realized that i was underweight and gained the appropriate weight. My second miscarriage in April I noticed vaginal burning and my ob didn’t do a swab. In July I noticed the burning again and had copious discharge. My ob did a swab and came back positive for Bv. I got treated with metrogel for 5 days n my follow up culture still showed bv n I started another round of metrogel but on the second day of metrogel I had a miscarriage. I realized that I get the intense burning whenever I’m pregnant. What can I do to prevent BV? I’m scared to get pregnant again and have another miscarriage and my OB doesn’t believe BV causes miscarriages. What do you recommend?

    • Dr Sarah Brewer

      Hi Lyn, I’m sorry to hear of your experience. I have a post on BV on my other site which may help. During pregnancy, BV is a recognised potential trigger for miscarriage during the first three months of pregnancy, for early labour and for premature birth. There is a link to a recent paper here that confirms this. You are entitled to request a second opinion, so if you have lost confidence in your ob gynae, do ask to be referred to another specialist who may be more proactive in helping you solve this. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Kathleen

    Without having read your very interesting article about probiotics beforehand, I gave my husband (who’s been suffering with C.Difficle for two years) Healthspan’s Super50Pro. He seemed to improved after two months, but in the last three weeks he has experienced three episodes of C.Difficle. The first lasting a week and the last two a very severe dose overnight. This morning when his carers came to clean him up, they noticed a pink colour amongst the diarrhoea and we both thought of blood. He has been prescribed Ferrous Fumerate for the last two years, so his diarrhoea is like a black oil slick, with the most awful smell which pervades the house! Will it be be beneficial to give him a lower dose of probiotics instead of the 50 billion tablet? If so, which dose? I do like using

    • DrSarahBrewer

      Hi Kathleen, So sorry to hear about your husband’s problems. This is a nasty infection and only his doctors can advise on what medication or supplements are needed. For severe infections such as this, a probiotic known as VSL#3 is sometimes recommended, but he should only take it with his doctors’ consent and supervision. If they are not aware of it, here is a link to a paper published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. I do hope he feels better soon. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Sheila

    Hi Sarah,

    I have catamenial epilepsy so once a month I have mild seziures connected to my menstrual cycle. After doing research this seems to be due to oestrogen/progesterone changes at this time of month. Now I absolutely know you cannot advise on epilepsy and any changes I make or introduce I would have to run by my doctor first but I was just wondering if you were able to advise on any natural ways I could help balance my hormones as this seems to be the issue with the type of epilepsy I have. Many thanks for your time.

  • Liz

    I have just received some Devil’s Claw tablets 450 mg. Is it safe to take these withe the turmeric capsules 700mg which I have been taking for 3 weeks for the relief of muscle pain (contraction) below my waist . Have been on paracetemol since March 2017.

    • DrSarahBrewer

      Hi Liz, According to interaction checker there are no known interactions between Devil’s Claw and turmeric capsules, or with paracetamol. In my experience, some people do get indigestion with Devil’s claw, and also with turmeric however, so it’s possible that you may experience this. DO see your doctor if pain continues. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Lori W.

    Hello. I found your information on the effect brazil nuts have on cholesterol very helpful. I was hoping you had guidance about hair thinning. I recently had bloodwork done (thyroid, B12, etc), and all came back normal. Unfortunately, my doctor never even looked at my head/hair or gave me any advice. I am a 54-yr old female. The thinning is all on one side, mostly all the way through my “part”, from front to back… and oh, it is getting embarrassing.

    • DrSarahBrewer

      Hi Lyn, Heat rash, or prickly heat, affects areas where sweat accumulates in hot weather, such as at the chest, waist, back, armpits and groin. Antihistamine tablets or cream will reduce itching. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties and usually works well for skin conditions such as prickly heat. Sweat rashes in skin folds (e.g. under the breasts, in the groin) are often complicated by fungal skin infections, in which case an antifungal cream is needed – those which also contain 1% hydrocortisone will also reduce redness and soreness eg Daktacort. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • stuart

    Hi Dr Sarah I worked out 5 days a week in my gym and I’m going to be taking my first vanilla protein whey shake after my hour workout.. it’s 1 scoop at my gym.. It’s called XXX (name with held). I have high blood pressure and it runs in my family. I am taking 75 mg of Losartan for high blood pressure. It’s gotten better 140 over 90 to 134 over 80. The Doctor gave me okay to take protein whey shake wont interfere with blood pressure medication. Can protein whey shake help your libido and erectile dysfunction and blood pressure ? How many times a week should I take it it’s my first time ? I m very thin I weigh 120 pd. I’m 43 years old . This shake will not speed up your heart or mess up kidneys because of chemicals? Thanks I look forward to hearing from you. I

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