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16 thoughts on “Work With Me

  • Fiona Young

    I am 52 and was diagnosed with high level stenosis descending artery in February. A stent was inserted and the rest of the heart was fine. My super fit brother died 3 years ago very suddenly of undiagnosed IHD so I it is hereditary. I have been put on statins, aspirin and omeprazole. I also have panhypopituitarism. Since these extra drugs I have bee exhausted, constipated, slight chest pain (more of an ache) and muscle aches. My medication for my endocrine disorder are essential to live however, I am against these extra cardiac drugs which are preventative. My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol has come down from 6.4 before the stent to 4.8 in 4 months. I would like your advice of natural products to replace the statin and the aspirin. Then I can wean myself off these along with the omeprazole. I really hope you can help me.

    • DrSarahBrewer Post author

      Hi Fiona, I amm sorry to hear how poorly you feel – it sounds as if you have been through a lot. It is very important that you don’t stop taking any of your medicines without talking to your doctor first. If you are experiencing side effects, your doctor can try other medicines or lower doses but this must be done under medical supervision or your risk of a heart attack may increase. I can only provide general advice. Statins can cause weakness and muscle aches, and there is evidence that taking co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) and vitamin D3 may help to reduce this. My advice for helpling constipation is here. My advice for following a heart-friendly diet is here. If your doctor is willing to support you coming off aspirin, they may be interested to read the evidence relating to a tomato extract called Fruitflow. Another supplement, Pycnogenol, has also been found to reduce unwanted blood clotting. I do hope you see your doctor and they can work something out for you. Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Angie

    Hi Sarah: I’ve read with interest the research about drinking coffee and the taking of supplements. From my own experience (and that of a friend that has experimented with the idea), I’ve noticed that if I have more than one cup of coffee a day, I am very much prone to getting a cold that lingers. The coffee seems to lower my resistance significantly. Also, if I do weaken and have more than one coffee and then pay for it by getting a cold within a few days, I find that if continue to drink a daily coffee, it’s very difficult for me to recover.
    Of course, I can appreciate that lots of other factors may be contributing. I’m a sample of one! I rarely take supplements, and if I do it will be either Vitamin C, or a children’s Multi-Vit/Min.
    I am only sharing this as it might help someone else out there. I would consider myself as being healthy – but what a difference this ‘discovery’ has made to this teacher!

    • DrSarahBrewer Post author

      Hi Angie, this is an interesting point; coffee/caffeine can promote the secretion of cortisol hormone which can have an immune suppressant action. Caffeine has also been found to suppress the action of lymphocytes that fight viral infection, and to suppress antibody production. But it has other effects that reduce inflammation and which boost immunity. We are all different in the genes we’ve inherited and how we respond – if you’ve found that having more than one coffee a day is not good for you than stick with your observation. You may find this reference interesting: Best wishes, Sarah B

  • Ceirian Tanner

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I am just wondering if you could offer some advice if you have the time.
    I am currently a GP registrar based in Plymouth, and I am due to complete my training in September this year. I am fascinated by nutrition & the effect it has on patients & their chronic illnesses. It is an area I would love to specialise in over time, and I feel it has a huge role in future healthcare. I am wondering if you could advise me on how to go about this? I am aware of the Msc from the university of Surrey, but am wondering if there are any other options?
    Many thanks for any advice you can offer me,
    Best wishes
    Ceirian Tanner

    • DrSarahBrewer Post author

      Hi Ceirian, My old stomping grounds. I was a GP registrar at Saltash, and a GP principal for 6 years in Plymouth near the Royal Naval Hospital in what was classed as a deprived area. Many of my patients existed on a diet of pasties, pizzas, fish and chips, pastries etc with little fruit or veg. I started prescribing multivits (back when you could) to help address otherwise unexplained symptoms such as tiredness all the time, and they perked up and were then prepared to pay more attention to their diet. I became more interested in prevention than treatment, and, like you, decided to take a leap into the unknown. The MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey is by far the best and most respected. It’s rather intensive but definitely worth it. Hope that helps. Email me any time via

  • Abigail Stuart-Menteth

    Dear Dr Brewer – would love to send you a sample of a new wellness product, suitable for diabetics, from a client of ours – may we?Thank you.

  • Lorien Lightfoot

    Dear Sarah,
    Would you be interested in finding out more about our food intolerance testing services and the science behind the IgG antibody testing process we use to identify food intolerances?
    Kind regards,

    • DrSarahBrewer Post author

      Hi Lorien, Pretty much up to speed on IgG testing as I was once your medical director! Do send any new trials you may have published since my time and I will write a post on the subject. I remember one happy person who stopped his endless hiccups after discovering he was intolerant to most of the ingredients in his super healthy, home-made muesli! Thanks, Sarah B

  • Dathan Berry

    Dear Sarah, you tried and liked our products quite some years ago, I’m pleased to report we have solved the reason the ocean has dramatic healing properties and are to publish the theory in a scientific journal, thank you for your help in making it happen, a little bit of something can do a Big thing, Thanks, Dathan x

  • Michael Macleod

    Hi Dr. Brewer – would you be interested in broadcasting your own talk show on a daily or weekly basis if we dedicated a live-streaming channel just for you? You may earn revenue from your audience through recurring subscription fees. Please advise. Thank you.