6 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes To Watch Out For

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Research has shown that low-carb diets are an effective way to shed fat. However, they are not as straightforward as you would expect, as a low carb diet isn’t just about eating fewer carbs than you’re used to. With so much conflicting advice, it’s easy to misinterpret the diets and commit a few low-carb diet mistakes without knowing.

Common low carb diet mistakes to watch out for

The low-carb diet, also popularly known as the keto diet has many health benefits. Not only can it help with effective weight loss but it can also help with a variety of health issues, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

But just like any other diet, it may have resulted in a weight loss plateau that leaves you wondering: What went wrong? It could be that you committed one or more of the following mistakes:

Ignoring nutritional values

When you begin your diet, take note that carbs are not the enemy. You still need to consume carbs but just the right ones! You’ll be surprised to know that there are some carbohydrates you should consume in moderation. Think about your fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and beans. Remember, carbs provide your body with the natural energy required for you to function properly. Plus, the right carbohydrates are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help you lose weight while staying healthy.

Eating unhealthy fats

Just because you plan on following a low-carb diet doesn’t mean you can go wild on all the fatty, indulgent foods like butter, pork rinds, beef, or cheese. These are high in trans fat, which isn’t healthy for your heart. Yes, while a low-carb diet can help regulate your cholesterol and blood pressure, consuming the wrong foods will increase your risk of heart disease. Monitor your saturated fat intake and focus on foods that provide polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3s. Go for salmon, walnuts, avocados, nuts, and virgin olive oil.

Misunderstanding food portions

This is a small yet significant mistake that many people commit when following any type of diet. If you aren’t familiar with how much food you should have or what a single portion looks like (for example, one serving of oatmeal or half a cup of rice), then you’ll end up either underestimating or overestimating the amounts you consume. Through learning about the proper portion sizes, you’ll avoid costuming too many calories that can cause weight gain while still ensuring that you eat enough to fuel your body’s needs.

Consuming too much protein

Sure, it’s good to get plenty of protein, but don’t go overboard. This is because amino acids aren’t stored for long-term energy and, instead, are excess protein is converted into fat for storage or glucose, making it difficult to lose weight. That’s why it’s essential to have a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb consumption for the best results. Remember to count your macronutrients accurately!

Consuming processed low carb foods

Just because you are eating a packaged food known to be low carb doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your diet. Bacon, low-carb snack bars, or specific deli meats can contain a ton of trans fat, additives, plus a lot of sodium salt and won’t provide the nutrients you need to feel great.

When shopping for low carb food, consider its nutritional quality. Avoid processed food and focus on natural ones. If not, read the labels and focus on what provides essential nutrients.

Forgetting about your activity level 

If you’re planning to follow a low carb diet, then you also have to consider your activity level and exercise. While you are cutting carbs, which are a source of energy for workouts, that doesn’t mean you should skip the gym and wait for the pounds to fall off.

I would recommend that you focus more on weightlifting and minimal cardio, which will help retain muscles and lose more fat. Have a small amount of carbs before a workout for extra fuel, such as a small banana.

Wrapping it up

From creating an effective sleeping schedule down to avoiding any common mistakes you might commit while on a diet, doing these things will be able to reach your weight loss goals healthily and efficiently.

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