4 Steps To Better Health In The Workplace

health in work place

Love it or hate it, you spend much of your life at work. It might feel as though you spend the majority of your day there, which is precisely why you need to ensure your safety at all times. Keeping healthy is what’s going to keep you able to return to work day after day feeling refreshed, able, and focused.

Remove Hazards

If you see a potential hazard, try and remove it or draw attention to it by informing others, and making it obvious to colleagues by using appropriate signage and safety features. Always ensure you’re dressed in the correct PPE when working in a more dangerous environment, compared to an office job. This isn’t to say that office jobs don’t come without their fair share of hazards. From loose cables to kitchen appliances, and technology, they all pose the potential for harm and injury. If you or a colleague is unfortunately injured due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, the-compensation-experts.co.uk can assist you in getting the assistance you require and the compensation you deserve.

Raise Concerns

If you’re concerned about your own welfare or the welfare of others, you should report your worry immediately. If you don’t feel able to discuss problems directly with your manager, then try speaking to HR or to a higher power to try and resolve the issue as fast as possible. You can also ask for your complaint to be handled anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Reduce Chair Time

Although you might not think your chair is particularly dangerous to you and your health, you could be wrong. Studies have shown that spending too many hours sat improperly supported can cause backache and back problems further down the line. Developing a hunch from bending over to see the computer screen can, over time, cause shoulder, and upper back stiffness. This, in turn, can impact your quality of life and how much time you take off work due to pain and discomfort. Mix things up by using a standing desk for some portion of the day, remember to get up out of your chair and stretch your back, neck, and legs, and also try to strengthen your back by weight training.

Follow Procedure

Safety instructions are there to protect you, so follow them at all times. For your own safety, remind others of the rules if you see them cutting corners or falling out of practice with the guidelines. Always lift safely, keep to speed limits, keep a tidy and organized work environment, and ensure a clear and safe route to emergency exits at all times.

Don’t Rely On Fast Food

Make a concentrated effort not to take fast food such as chips, chocolate, and cake to work with you. For lunch, pack foods that will keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. You should avoid it peaking and troughing this way, and subsequently then craving a sugary pick-me-up to sustain much-needed energy levels later in the day. If there’s a birthday in the office, for example, then propose that you enjoy a sushi lunch together, or bake something healthy instead of bringing in an array of cakes, biscuits, and sweets.

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